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DIY in progress


A few weeks ago, I tried on tutorials after tutorials for making my sanding campur boxes. & alhamdulillah, I have the perfect one already & alhamdulillah also, my family loves it. I tried changing muffins to cookies for sanding event but after discussing more on this, maybe we will stick to muffins. 🙂

I know people worry when I want to DIY..but, hey..I trust myself, and I hope people trust me. I don’t mind working my butt off for this couple of that the last month towards my wedding, I can relax a bit. Because of taking this huge task, I decided to maybe cut a few DIY, just in case I don’t have time to do that…

so far, my DIY things to do;

  • My Invitation Cards.
  • Flower decorations & Bouquet.
  • Campur boxes for Sanding.
  • the Campur for Sanding & Berbedak.
  • Mini Pelamin (still discussing on this)

That’s it, hmmm, is it still the same as before? Macam I didn’t cut off anything kan? hee. In sya Allah everything will be okay. There is a reason why I want to DIY, apart from it being what I’m passionate about..I decided to DIY the things I mentioned because, I calculated..and alhamdulillah, DIY is cheaper that buying.

Pray for me…mudahan di lancarkan urusanku. Amin.



Life after Wedding

What I love about wedding is the life after that. Being a wife/husband, being a mother/father. Yes, we spend months and months preparing for our wedding, but we also must prepare ourselves in becoming a wife and insyaAllah a mother. Before I even planned and discuss about wedding, I have always love reading and watching shows and talks about marriage. especially marriage according to Islam. There are so many wonderful things that we can gain being a wife..

A wife’s responsibility is heavy but when doing it right, you can get pahala very easily. For me, being married means working hard to gain more iman and pahala together as a couple. Because the real honeymoon is in sya Allah. Here, we work hard and pray to Allah and do what Allah says and love according to Islam..because if we are married, in sya Allah our partner will be our partner in jannah. So why waste time being busy with dunia when you know who’s your partner will be. let us increase our iman and do what’s right so that we can live happily in jannah. And the best thing is, in jannah..we will not fight, there will be no jealousy, no negativity none at all. Isn’t that wonderful? where we will no longer fight with our husband? there will be no trust issues, no negative thinking, no more bad things…

I know great reward comes with great obstacles. What I learn is, if we seek for Allah’s forgiveness and do things dengan redha Allah, in sya Allah everything will be alright. Dugaan and rintangan will always be there, but Allah promised the He will not give us burden that is unbearable for us.

I have a lot of learning to do and so far away from being the ‘woman/wife’ that I hoped to be one day. Mari kitani sama-sama berdoa agar dapat menjadi insan yang beriman, menjadi isteri solehah yang di redhai oleh Allah & menjadi ibu kepada anak2 yang soleh/solehah. Amin amin amin yarabb. :’)


For today’s post, I would like to share my experience and happy moments with you when me and fiance got engaged. We are now 3 months plus until akad nikah and it is appropriate that I share our early moments especially after I just sprawl into the blog world with just 4 months to spare. hehe.


The idea of getting engaged came after I graduated and after we overcame a difficult moment in our life. Alhamdulillah, we stayed strong and we just instantly said that 2009 was our year. Our year to start over, our year to change, our year to grow up. Best year ever! hehe.

I specifically remember the moment when dear fiance came to my house. Me and the siblings were out to watch a movie, it was after my graduation that morning, kira us celebrate lah tu. I mentioned to him that my parents is at home & he took that chance to come and menyampaikan hajatnya. 🙂 After the movies, I met with my parents. No, they didn’t say dad was actually ‘berpantun’ saying someone wants to mendirikan masjid or mendirikan tiang drumah is it? haha..I can’t remember. I was confused because fiance didn’t say anything, parents also didn’t say anything. just clues and riddles. At last, of course I knew… 😛


We made plans for both of our families to meet to discuss about the engagement. I was actually nervous, we had a date set in mind and I told the fiance to remind his parents about the date and so on. Of course, I was advised to not go downstairs..but little old me tried to listen from upstairs. I can’t really hear what they were saying. hehe. I was anxious for it to be over so that I know the outcome of it. Lastly, me and parents had the talk and we discussed about the possible date. (nope, our date wasn’t approved).

The Engagement Day

🙂 I remember sleeping very nervously that night, trying to remember and do the ‘to-do list’ in my head for tomorrow’s event. I woke up, nervously as I was..I became very active and that I helped with basically everything, until my maid said..i’m supposed to be relaxing not helping around. I was nervous! I can’t just relax. huhu. I ate lunch outside that day and run some errands to complete the check list..I had to ask my MUA to come a little bit late cause I was still buying stuff.

My best friend came early and I’m glad she did, I was a total wreck – going here and there. At last, my MUA came and we started on the makeup. More friends came and they stayed with me in my room.

I heard a knock and my sister came to inform me that fiance’s family had arrived. Me and my best friend looked at each other with that ‘Oh My God’ look. lol. I love the moment when I walked from my room to go downstairs to the living room. All of my friends were right behind me. My amit was holding my hand, asking me not to ‘melirik-lirik’ and senyum2. hehe. When I came to the living room, my first reaction was “banyak ye orang…” My way of toning down the nerves is by looking at all the people who scanning from left to right, so that I can adapt to the situation. I actually forgot if I did that since I wasn’t allowed to do that. I think I just looked down.

Like usual, I sat in the middle and guest were surrounding me. I just sat at a pillow, one cousin even thought I was getting married. Fiance’s mom came to me and the ‘menyarungkan cincin’ occured. It was quick, I don’t know..maybe in my head I imagined the moment in slow motion. 😛 After that, I have to salam everyone. Ohh..and at that moment barutah I realized on how many people came that day. Macam biasa, taking pictures with everyone. Lastly, fiance came and we were like..”alhamdulillah, we’re engaged now!” 🙂 🙂 🙂


It was 2 years plus ago and to be honest, time flies so fast. I know people always said that bertunang banyak dugaan and rintangan..alhamdulillah, our love stays strong and we are now fully ready to make that big step towards marriage. So far, I love preparing for our wedding…and right now, I can’t wait to be his wife. 🙂

In sya Allah, moga perhubungan dan jodoh kami diberkati Allah SWT and berpanjangan hingga ke jannah. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Amin yarabbal alamin.

Thanks for reading. Goodnight. Assalamualaikum.

Bridesmaid or Flower Girl?

I was browsing the net just now and it got me thinking on whether I want a bridesmaid or just go with flower girl/boy? This is for my Sanding event. Here’s the pros & cons for both;


  • I have a respectful number of friends and close friends but I don’t have a lot of really2 close friends that I want to be my bridesmaid.
  • The only people that I feel comfortable and confident enough that they will not only take care of me, but my nerves, the function etc is only my 2 best friends.
  • Is 2 enough for a bridesmaid? how about cousins u say? unfortunately, me and cousins from dad side (because they are at the same age as mine) are not close.
  • But what I love on having a bridesmaid is that they are helpful esp the person’s closest to you. I know my best friends very well and I know they are happy for me..I’m their baby sister, and it would be nice to have them close all the time.
  • If 2 person is okay..I’m still not sure if my best friends want to be my bridesmaid, because 1st) one of them is in UK & i really2 hope she’ll be back before my wedding. (need to give her support to finish her work on time :P) 2nd) They are both married, I need to ask their husband first about this as the task of a bridesmaid is to be with me all the time. (maybe make a plan so that both sides will be okay.) and 3rd) my other best friend will be 6 or 7 months pregnant insyaAllah at that time and In sya Allah if murah rezeki, my other best friend pun pregnant on my wedding day.
  • There are many what if’s surrounding my brain. I just want to be real..I know I have yet to ask them, but what makes me hold my thought are the above reasons. I have jokingly said before the three of us were still ‘bujang’, I said..what if both of you are pregnant during my event. You both will look cute for a bridesmaid. 😀 wish coming true? hehe

Flower girl/boy:

  • I have a lot of anak buah from both parents’ side and fiance’s side.
  • But not many are brave enough to face the crowd, If I can count and pick the ones that I am confident will do the job superb is well..around 2 or 3 person only. Yes, they might look very active and naughty but when dealing with strangers (this case A LOT), they will usually hide and run to their parents.
  • If this plan works, I was thinking of wearing them baju melayu, with sinjang, dastar & their own mini keris. CUTE!!!! but what will the girls wear?

See, seems like inda cukup orang for both the adults & the kids. *sigh* and if I can’t figure this out on time, I think I will be left with nothing. Ohh, my sisters? one will be my pengiap which is my youngest sister. & one will be in Malaysia to study. If she comes to my wedding pun, she will not be around before that for the bridesmaid task.

Any suggestions on what should I do? I know this isn’t the worst thing that can happened but it will be a nice touch if they were there. (I am rooting for bridesmaid actually, this is more on the ‘make me not nervous’ aspect. :D) Until next time, need to discuss more and ask the best friends about this. *finger’s cross*

Assalamualaikum. 🙂

p.s: Ohh, I thought of something! What if I combine the two? The bridesmaid hand in hand with the flower girl/boy? & since the kids are hand in hand with the adults, we can add the shy ones. hehe.

Facial Review : Sari Ayu

Assalamualaikum, Happy Sunday friends. 🙂

I went for my first facial yesterday at Sari Ayu Yayasan. & today’s post is on my review of my experience, services and the outcome.

What I love about it..

  • They will usually call again to know if we are going to come, I like this because it shows that they care.
  • Once we were there, they greeted us. What I always like about the staff at Sari Ayu is that they are friendly. My mom is a familiar face around there, though not always but they recognize her all the time, even though we haven’t been there for a year.
  • My facial session was great. She treated my face with care. I told her that it was my first time and I was afraid that it will hurt. I was expecting tears (over? :p) but syukur, the pain was bearable. Like kena cubit. hehe. But the painful one was when she cleaned my zit, it was still ‘active’..and it hurts. huhu.
  • My face feels so fresh after that, and I expected redness or ‘bengkak’ but none..just my nose was a bit red I guess. 😀

The things that I don’t really like..

  • The place for facials is a bit crowded and sempit. I know maybe facial is not exactly for relaxation, but I do want to feel relax.
  • The massage was a bit tough and painful for me. (this is just for me, I had trouble getting a massage…I never seem to find a the ones that are really2 good and relaxing)

Other than that, it was great! I did ask them if they have a package for brides before wedding..and yes they have. The package includes, betangas, lulur, massage or shaping of the body etc. I actually forgot what she says. hehe. & I forgot to ask if they have a sya Allah, if confirm..maybe I will take the package. && right now until 5th feb..they are having promotions, wedding package is around $80+ and $100+ after discount. You can pay before the 5th & have your session on a later date.

Share or suggest me more places that are great for facials and spa treatments yea? I heard herbaline in Gadong is also great.

Until then ladies. Good Morning. 🙂

Things to do…

OMG! It’s 4 months exact until our Nikah day. How am I feeling? nervous? scared? excited? I’m not sure actually..I’m feeling quite normal and calm. *I should ask myself the same question in May. LOL*

Preparation is still the same, I think we will make progress once payday comes. For next month’s task…we should:

  • Pay deposit for renting Berbedak Accessories.
  • Send kain for Nikah & Ambilan to tailors. (still not sure where, anyone can suggest me a good tailor?)
  • Continue buying for our hantarans.
  • Search campur for bedak malam event. (will explain more on the next post.)
  • Search door gifts packages suitable for cookies & muffins.
  • Family meeting to confirm the time for the events.
  • Once fam meeting is done, I will start doing the invitation cards. (hopefully by next month also)
  • Really hoping by next month, I’ll start with the Nikah registration.

I’ll stick to that in the mean time. I’m actually afraid that i might missed out something, cause I’m feeling quite calm and relax right all is under control. That’s not a good sign, especially for me because I tend to forgot something. huhu. I just hope there’s nothing that I missed.

& for this month’s task..

  • Book MUA for my Sanding & Bedak Malam event.
  • Book MUA for fiance’s events.
  • Start with Nikah registration from fiance’s part.

yikes, i’m actually feeling kind of panic-ky after listing all the to do list. & it’s just for this and next month. AND! to top that off…I have to;

  • Continue making the paper flowers.
  • Start exercising. (really need to motivate myself on this)
  • Start having facials & treatments, and yes, start eating healthy!

those are the things to do for the entire 4 months that’s left before the wedding..and it seems like there’s not enough time. I will continue staying healthy after the wedding… 😀 insyaAllah. 😛

Wish me luck!


It’s nearly midnight and I feel the urge to write a post. I may not have a topic in mind yet, but sooner or later I will. *hopefully* 😀

…………………… (thinking…)

Okay, maybe I should share with you about my DIY. The great thing of having a budget wedding is that you tend to want to make anything yourself. I think, if I have the money, I will still go for DIY. It’s just me I guess. I want to at least have a little part/contribution in my wedding from every aspect.

I started preparing for my wedding a year ago..that is when I became best friends with (I prefer a she :p) I surveyed and searched for tutorials in everything..I didn’t have any specifics to what I want to DIY. I even bought materials so that I can do a trial..yes, there were a lot of unsuccessful outcome but there were some that I really like. This was before we told our parents our plan to get married. I had everything prepared basically.

I actually wanted to DIY my door gift boxes, my invitation cards, the flowers and many more. Some were not approved by my parents but alhamdulillah some did. 🙂 Here are the things that I plan to DIY:

  • Paper Flowers (for Hantaran, my Room, Stairs, House and Hall Deco)
  • My Invitation Cards
  • Campur boxes (will try first)
  • Mini Pelamin
  • My Campur

So far, that’s about it. At a point, I actually wanted to make my own baju nikah..hehe, but syukur that I didn’t go with that would be a total disaster. :p I really hope that I can achieve all the things that I planned. I have started doing it especially the Paper Flowers. I will maybe start doing my invitation cards next..after both of our families had their meeting.

Share with me some of your ideas on DIY? InsyaAllah I will post mine if I finished doing it. Hope it doesn’t give me stress. LOL. Goodnight Brunei.

Assalamualaikum. 🙂

Must Read

On Marriage in Islam

by Dr. Sherif Mohammed

By getting married you are not just getting a wife, you are getting your whole world. From now until the rest of your days your wife will be your partner, your companion, and your best friend.

She will share your moments, your days, and your years. She will share your joys and sorrows, your successes and failures, your dreams and your fears. When you are ill, she will take the best care of you; when you need help, she will do all she can for you;

When you have a secret, she will keep it; when you need advice, she will give you the best advice. She will always be with you: when you wake up in the morning the first thing your eyes will see will be hers; during the day, she will be with you, if for a moment she is not with you by her physical body, she will be thinking of you, praying for you with all her heart, mind, and soul; when you go to sleep at night, the last thing your eyes will see will be her; and when you are asleep you will still see her in your dreams. In short, she will be your whole world and you will be her whole world.

The best description that I personally have ever read describing the closeness of the spouses to each other is the Qur’anic verse which says:

they are your garments and you are their garments” (Surah Al Baqarah 2:187).

Indeed, spouses are like garments to each other because they provide one another with the protection, the comfort, the cover, the support, and the adornment that garments provide to humans. Just imagine a journey in the winter of Alaska without garments! Our spouses provide us with the same level of comfort, protection, cover, and support in the journey of our lives on this earth as garments would do in the Alaskan journey.

The relationship between the spouses is the most amazing of all human relations: the amount of love and affection, intimacy and closeness, mercy and compassion, peace and tranquillity that fills the hearts of the spouses is simply inexplicable. The only rational explanation for these most amazing of all human feelings is that: it is an act of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala,

And Allah has made for you Mates (and Companions) of your own nature … (Surah Al Nahl 16:72)

Only our Almighty Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in His Infinite Power, Boundless Mercy, and Great Wisdom can create and ingrain these amazing and blessed feelings in the hearts of the spouses. In fact Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is reminding those who search for His signs in the universe that these feelings in the hearts of the spouses are among the signs that should guide humans to His existence as He says in the Qur’an,

And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquillity with them and He has put love and mercy between your hearts: verily in that are signs for those who reflect. (Surah Al Rum 30:21)

But Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala knows that the human heart is not a static entity, it is sometimes weak and at times dynamic. Feelings can and do change with time. Love may wither and fade away. The marital bond might weaken if not properly cared for. Happiness in marriage cannot be taken for granted; continuous happiness requires constant giving from both sides. For the tree of marital love to remain alive and keep growing, the soil has to be sustained, maintained, watered and nurtured.

Remember that our Prophet Muhammad Salallaahu ‘aliahi wa’sallaam had found the time to go out to the desert and race with his wife Aisha. She out ran him but later after she had gained some weight, he out ran her.

Remember that the Prophet Salallaahu ‘aliahi wa’sallaam took his wife to watch the young Ethiopians playing and dancing their folk dances. The show of emotions is necessary to keep the marital bond away from rusting and disintegrating.

Remember that you will be rewarded by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala for any emotions you show to your wife as the Prophet Salallaahu ‘aliahi wa’sallaam said

one would be rewarded for anything that he does seeking the pleasure of Allah even the food that he puts in the mouth of his wife.

Never underestimate the importance of seemingly little things as putting food in your wife’s mouth, opening the car’s door for her, etc. Remember that the Prophet Salallaahu ‘aliahi wa’sallaam used to extend his knee to his wife to assist her up to ride the camel.

Try to always find some time for both of you to pray together. Strengthening the bond between you and Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is the best guarantee that your own marital bond would always remain strong. Having peace with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will always result in having more peace at home.

Remember that the Prophet Salallaahu ‘aliahi wa’sallaam gave glad tidings for those couples who wake up at night to pray together. The Prophet Salallaahu ‘aliahi wa’sallaam even urged the spouse who rises up first to wake the other spouse up even by throwing cold water on his/her face.

Always try your best to be good to your wife by words and by deeds. Talk to her, smile to her, seek her advice, ask for her opinion, spend quality time with her and always remember that the Prophet Salallaahu ‘aliahi wa’sallaam said

the best of you are those who are best to their wives.

Finally, it is common that spouses vow to love and honor their spouses until death do them part. I do believe that this vow is good or even great, but not enough! It is not enough that you love your wife. You have to love what she loves as well. Her family, her loved ones must also become your loved ones. Don’t be like my colleague who was unhappy about his wife’s parents coming to visit for few weeks. He candidly said to her “I don’t like your parents.” Naturally, she angrily looked at him straight in the eye and said ” I don’t like yours either”… Also, it is not enough that you love her until death do you part. Love should never end and we do believe there is life after death where those who did righteousness in this world will be joined by their spouses (Surah Al Zukhruf 43:70) and offsprings.

The best example in this regard is the Prophet Salallaahu ‘aliahi wa’sallaam whose love for Khadija, his wife of 25 years extended to include all those she loved and continued even after her death. It was many years after her death and he never forgot her and whenever a goat was slaughtered in his house he would send portions of it to Khadija’s family and friends and whenever he felt that the visitor at the door might be Khadija’s sister Hala, he would pray saying “O Allah let it be Hala.”

My Door gifts

Our door gifts is kind of near to complete – in terms of what my door gifts should be. My parents want it to be a non edible campur that guests can use personally again, like a jar or container. But I want my campur to be food..because I think, with food..especially great food, people will certainly remember and appreciate. So, we have made up our mind to combine.

For nikah, I actually was thinking on giving cookies..but my grandparents sponsored Beras. I wanted Beras for the Berbedak event but parents they say nikah is more suitable. So, cookies will be for Berbedak I guess..and I’m planning to put it in mason jar. cute right? but have to survey more on far, the mason jars that I surveyed is around $2+ for medium size. I prefer smaller ones and its $1+.

As for our Sanding ceremony, my parents agreed to have muffins. 🙂 Flavor, quantity and size all already confirmed. We are now in the process of searching for the right packaging to put the muffins in. I personally prefer buying the plain container or packet or plastic and doll it up myself. I have a plan..and in sya Allah, by this week..I will give it a try. Show it to parents, if they approve..then alhamdulillah, that will be off the list. 🙂

So far, that’s about it on the update of my campur. I have always want food as the gift and I even started making the boxes, but parents have to disagree on me making the boxes because they don’t want to stress me out..I think I can do it, just right now..I don’t think I can because If I start now, it will be hectic. 1,000+ boxes DIY? You’ll do the math…


The top 3 is a few examples of my cookies campur in a jar. Love love love! especially the middle one. Love it! I wish I can make this as my sanding campur..but the jar is expensive. huhu. If I have other idea that is similar, I might try it..and if it’s withing our budget..might as well change it to sanding campur. hehe. & the muffins! I love having it in the container as above. Simple container isn’t it? but simple and plain make your creativity expand. hehe.

I will update more cause I need to finalize this idea so that we can ask for quotations..and buy it early maybe. Wish me luck…c’mon brain, do your thing. 😀

Baju Design

I can’t decide what kind of design I want for my baju nikah & ambilan. I am totally blank at the moment. I surveyed and searched almost everywhere and I am waiting for that ‘this is it’ feeling when I look at a design. So far, its ‘wow..lawa, but..’ feeling. *sigh* I plan to send my kain next month to the tailors but I guess, for a wedding I think next month is a bit too it? Maybe I should send it by this month..

I should ask and consult with the designer I guess, but before going there, I want to be prepared and have a design of my own..then maybe he/she will give their opinions. The Kain for both nikah and ambilan event will be lace + satin..

Here’s some of the design that I like..

I actually love the last design, the pink and black one..I was thinking of doing it for my nikah attire, but I don’t know if it’s suitable for that event. As for ambilan, I was thinking of having a long dress, the lace will be long until the for nikah, its part lace and part satin. This design is still pending…need to ask the expert I guess.

Speaking of designs, I actually love flowy chiffon soft look..but many people said it looks simple. & I’m trying to avoid having beads or lace just on top of my attire like my chest area because I will be wearing tudong, and I will cover that up..if that’s the case, it a waste to spend that much money if I were to cover it up right? I feel that I have a lot more to do…

Will update this again soon…

Thanks for reading. =)