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A little update.

Assalamualikum lovelies. 🙂

Here, I want to share a few updates and wedding errands that we managed to settle.

  • Yesterday, me and fiance went to the wedding exhibition in Manggis Mall. We didn’t survey and asked around, we just went straight to Ruzz Enterprise to ask if they’re having a promotion, and I also wanted to show fiance the pelamin that I was taking about. Glad that he liked it. 🙂 We decided to come to their store another day because we want to talk it over and plus, they didn’t have any okay lah kali. hehe. and alhamdulillah, dapat di runding harga. 😛
  • We also went to Pesta Buku at ICC. Not much, it’s like any other pesta buku before this. We came to ask the price of the Al-Quran, and we bought it. Just a normal one, thinking of designing the deco saja to make it lawa. 🙂 like below,
  • Nikah dress; I went for my appointment at Anyati last week, and I came without any design in mind. I don’t really have any specific design but I do know what kind I want, I love english brides. But I wasn’t sure if my kain suits that kind of design, since my kain is lace. I was thinking, lawa kah all lace dress? and I was hoping by going to anyati, we will discuss the possible design. The owner was professional and good no doubt, but for me she didn’t gave me a lot of space or option to choose.  The design that she drew was beautiful and stunning but it cost way above my budget. So, I decide to just send my nikah kain there..
  • my Sanding attire; Lastly I chose Nie to design and make my Sanding attire. I went there a few days ago to ask and discuss about it, and alhamdulillah their price and design is within my liking and budget. 🙂 and the person in charge also had some wonderful ideas. I really hope they will do their magic to make my dress so beautiful. hehe. I’m not really sure the reviews for Nie esp for sanding, I just have to have faith in it. p.s; I did my fitting and I request for them to finish it by end of april so that any alterations can be done and so that I can see how my dress will look like. *can’t wait, mudahan lawa…amin! & mudahan I loose weight. haha*
  • Groom’s sanding attire; I have surveyed and asked for the price of making a suit and basically it’s $100+. Nie’s price is actually between $80 – $100, depending on the kain. But mum insisted for us to make it at Zulkader because they are experienced in making uniforms and suits. Zulkader’s prices are around $150 – $200. The problem right now is that we can’t find a suitable kain for fiance’s suit. I love the feel of the Bridal Satin but no stock on our color. *sigh* I looked for Shantung pun nada our color. 😦 I did pulang ask if by may ada stock baru kah inda, and the S.A said insya Allah ada.. but we do have to search other places jua, if ada tempat lain..lagi bisai. but where? huhu.

So far, that’s it. Insya Allah will settle a few things lagi today. It’s 2 months plus more to our wedding, stress about my preparations. huhu. I need to re-do and check my checklist over and over again, so that I won’t miss anything. Right now, our main mission is to find kain for my fiance for his sanding. I really hope ada stocknya latest by april..atu pun, I don’t know if enough time for them to buat. Miri ada kah? sanggup ku ni ke miri seorang diri..haha. *kes desperate dah..*

another obstacle to overcome. Ya Allah, mudahkanlah segala urusan kami. 😦


Wedding shoes.

Yes, wedding shoes! Colorful wedding shoes to be exact. hehe. Haven’t started searching for one, but will do insya Allah by next month. 🙂 I’m looking for either a peep toe or pumps. Not too high, and wearable. That’s important.

Charles & Keith? Shoe Lovers? Vincci? Pazzion? Where else can we find a suitable bridal shoes? or make one? my mum once said that her friend made a custom made shoe, and if i’m not mistaken it cost around $100+. Quite okay right? Sadly I’m not sure where’s the place. Will update if I know where. 🙂

Last year, me and my friends went to Syarikat Hasla Fashion & Design (thanks to wii, cause I forgot their name :p) and they can make shoes yang songket. or you can bring your shoes and they will I think lakatkan the songket on it. but i’m not into it, better buy that we can use again in the future right?

& I think, sale habis dah. huhu. Is there any upcoming sale before May? May pun inda apa, as long it doesn’t starts in June. 😀

Assalamualaikum, Happy 28th National Day Negaraku, Brunei Darussalam. 🙂

In dilemma

Okay, here’s the story…

Originally I will be having 6 events (bedak siang, nikah, bedak malam, berpacar, sanding & ambilan), and the dates are confirmed. But this past few weeks, I have been thinking whether to proceed with the ambilan event or not? My main concern is for my relatives who lives in tutong and belait. and a few days ago, we have decided to cancel the ambilan event, and go for a Doa Selamat few weeks after the sanding instead.

My problem is, I have already bought my kain for ambilan, and to give that as my hantaran would be like “bilatah kan ku pakai ni?”, because the kain is suitable for wedding, kalau kan di pakai untuk hari raya or orang kahwin, too meriah. hehe. Right now, my plan is to make my Sanding baju from that kain. & by that, this means that I have to cancel our plan to wear songket. *sigh* Although I don’t really have a favorite kind of kain but in my mind, I actually would like to wear songket. If not time kahwin, bila lagi? But things happens for a reason, and we will just go with the flow..insya Allah, maybe things would be better than what we hoped for. 🙂

I am slowly accepting not wearing songket, and my quest right now is to find a suitable design for a non-songket attire. For me, finding a design for the bride is easier than for the groom. and alhamdulillah, I have a design already in mind. & for my fiance, we’re planning to just rent his attire. Mostly the bridal boutiques here in Brunei offered songket, and the not songket one looks like indonesian style, which I don’t really fancy.

I’m looking for this kind of design;

This kind of design is okay I think, suitable for my fiance. Not too much on the sinjang probably.

I actually love this kind of design for the groom. simple but yet segak.

Those are the two choices for my fiance. Which one looks the best? From my opinion, both of them fits my fiance cause he’s tall but I’m not sure which suits him more. Personally, I will choose the last picture. I always love groom who wears like that..not too much and like I said, nampak segak. But, so far when I searched the baju in bridal boutiques here, the one I found that is actually ngam with my kain, is like the 1st and 2nd design. I haven’t stumbled upon designs from the 3rd picture. huhu. If we were to just make his attire like that, will it be expensive? anyone know what kind of material sesuai for that design (3rd one)?

Will update lagi regarding this. 🙂 Mudahan Allah SWT memudahkan urusan kami. amin yarab. Today, 3 months exact!!!


Deciding on Pelamin.

Me and my family went scouting for the perfect pelamin this past few days. We’re looking for a small pelamin for my house to use for my nikah and bedak malam event. I have some that I like, it’s simple..and alhamdulillah, when I ask if I could change here and there, they can cater to whatever we want.

I just realized that I’m picky and I want what I want. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. When I look at the pictures, I know what I’m looking for..and when they suggest this and that, I usually say flat no or yes. I hope I wasn’t a pain by being like that. huhu. What I want is basically a white plain backdrop with colorful flowers (not too much). Right now, I’m so in love with white really, it’s so beautiful. Examples below;

very simple and very nice. A touch of color here and there would be great. 🙂

I love love love this. More color on the flowers would be great! Wish to have similar to this for my house pelamin.

loving the white theme, but I will change the flowers to a colorful one.

this one sesuai for sanding. A little too plain for my taste I guess..more colorful flowers for sure. 🙂

This pelamin is at the top of my list right now! So loving it. especially the flowers..i'm crazy for the flowers. *excited* lol. This would be so nice for my sanding pelamin..maybe change the pelamin a bit, bigger. But that type of flowers I like..and yes, I don't mind it being that many (just not too much sampai kami laki bini tenggelam. haha)

So far, I haven’t found ‘the one’. As for dear fiance, he actually doesn’t care..he usually just go with the flow. As long as I go through him and he accepts it, then it’s a-okay for me. 🙂

On the other hand, maybe I should ask vendors to customize my pelamin? will it be more expensive that renting the existing one? Though I know what I want but I can be confused in making the final decision. huhu. I have to keep in mind that I am on a budget, and I must keep it simple. Like I always said..pelamin sekajap saja tu, no need to spend that much. 😀

One of the reason why I love my fiance is that although he’s the one that is calm and going with the flow type of guy, he’s the one that makes the final decision when I can’t make mine. He’s the one that thinks clearly, think wisely and thinks about the future. I’ll be easily caught up with all hoopla. 😛 hehe, sorry being jiwang there… 🙂

okay, back to my story..I think I got carried away. hehe. I haven’t made my decision yet on the pelamin today..for the house pelamin, I will discuss with my family. I hope their okay with what I want. For Nikah and bedak malam event, a simple and small pelamin will do. So far, that I like is $600..mum thinks that’s too expensive for a house pelamin..what do you think? Last last, I’m back to DIY’ing my pelamin ni.

Over all, my preparation is still slow like always but alhamdulillah it’s progressing. I feel blessed that as slow as it is, it is running smoothly. some hiccups here and there but we will always stay positive, Insya Allah 🙂

and before ending this post, a big congratulations to Imam muda Hassan and his wife. Love seeing them happy and berseri. Lawa~


Really love their attire. 🙂

Assalamualaikum, goodnight.

DIY update

Hello ladies, & gents? 🙂

A sneak preview of my DIY door gift boxes;

colorful papers.

Nice colors right? will update more on my progress from time to time. Right now, I need to finish this, I’m working my butt off..pray for me. 🙂



As usual, I would count the days for our Nikah day. It’s always in hundreds. But then, I just counted, tomorrow marks 100 days more to our day. Then, we’re down to double digits. OMG! haha…panic? yes! cause there’s A LOT more to do. I promised to myself to not be a ‘Bridezilla’ but now I don’t know, I might change into one. lol.

So far, here’s the updated checklist;


  • Nikah; 20/05/2012
  • Bedak Malam; 24/05/2012 (bride)
  • Berbedak; 27/05/2012 (groom)
  • Sanding; 27/05/2012 (both)
  • Ambilan; 27/05/2012 (both)


  • Garden (white & colorful)


  • Nikah; Bride’s house
  • Bedak Malam; at each other’s houses
  • Sanding; Dewan serbaguna, Sumbangsih (deposit done!)
  • Ambilan; Bride’s House


  • Nikah; still haven’t send this to the tailors. *note to self!*
  • Bedak Siang; use nikah attire
  • Bedak Malam; we will deposit for the accessories by this month!
  • Sanding; (deposit done!)
  • Ambilan; same as nikah… *worry*


  • Nikah; I would love it to be Nasi Lemak (homemade :D) & Any kind of mee..with hot drinks. 🙂
  • Bedak Malam; usual Nasi & Lauk pauk
  • Sanding; As long as there’s Rice (1 or more), 1 or 2 main dishes, veges, fruits and drinks.
  • Ambilan; either it’s the usual nasi with lauks or maybe a themed food like beriyani?
p.s: still finding the right caterer!


  • Nikah; Beras. Have yet to find where to put it in. I’m thinking a container.
  • Bedak Malam; confirmed and deposit done! (for orang membedaki)
  • Bedak Malam; still deciding on cakes or cookies? have to survey on where to put it in. (for the guest)
  • Sanding; Muffins! – DIY boxes still in progress!


  • DIY! – Draft nearly done, need to finalize the wakils. Need to buy the papers, then proceed to printing.


  • Nikah; around 300 including fiance’s family
  • Bedak Malam; 300
  • Sanding; 800-1000
  • Ambilan; 300


  • Bride to Groom; in the process of buying. (13 dulangs)
  • Groom to Bride; in the process of buying. (11 dulangs)


  • Home; cancel DIY.
  • Hall; will survey and book pelamin for both at home & hall by this month.


  • Bride; all events booked *Alhamdulillah* – need to do trial for 2 MUA for my sanding, can’t decide which one. *sigh*
  • Groom; booked!


  • Home; DIY!
  • Hall; DIY!


  • Bride; still pending.
  • Groom; pending also.
  • booked! will deposit soon in sya Allah.
  • My dearest Brother. 🙂


  • Still in progress.


  • We totally forgot about this. Still haven’t bought the second ticket – probably we will be settling this by next month.


  • Bride; I need to be strict!
  • Groom; He’s working on it.


  • Mini Candy Buffet; still thinking about it
  • Paper flowers; in progress
  • Bouquet; done trials, will do the real one soon…maybe april.
  • Entertainment; booked! Need to finalize the song choice for Sanding.
  • Save the date; thinking about it. (necessary or not?)
  • Guest list; I have made mine, and my siblings also. Family guest list still in progress.
  • Guest book; still deciding to have it or not. Or make something other than a book.
  • Bridesmaid or Flower boy/girl; still haven’t decide.
  • Pengangun; booked!
  • Juru Nikah ; booked!
  • Family uniform; colors decided, need to buy the kain.

I hope that’s all of it. What do you think of our progress? Should I be panic or am I doing ok at this stage? I repeat, it’s 3 months till our wedding! hehe.

Ya Allah! Ya Tuhanku, jika rezekiku berada di atas langit maka turunkanlah ia, dan jika berada di dalam perut bumi maka keluarkanlah ia, dan jika sukar maka mudahkanlah ia, jika haram maka sucikanlah ia, jika masih jauh maka dekatkanlah ia. Ya Allah! Limpahkanlah kepada kami rezeki sepertimana rezeki yang telah Engkau limpahkan kepada hamba-hambaMu yang soleh. Amin ya rabbalalmin

p.s// I’m sorry for the absent, been very busy lately. Will elaborate it on the other post, after it’s done. 🙂 Assalamualaikum.

Wedding Inspiration

I noticed that I haven’t been putting many pictures in my blog..and to avoid this blog being boring and all about rants, in this post..I will upload lovely lovely gorgeous pictures of what inspires me for my wedding… enjoy. 🙂

love love garden themed wedding.

Obsessed with Paper Flowers.

Love white and colorful theme.

Lovely vintage wedding.

My favorite color! Original plan was to have all green wedding. 🙂

We finally chose this kind of theme. 😀

I got mostly all my ideas and inspiration from english brides. I just love seeing how simple, unique and intimate their wedding is. This is of course, refers to DIY budget brides, not the lavish ones. 🙂

It is a bit hard to introduce their ‘theme’ and ideas in a malay wedding, because;

  • their guest is usually in hundreds (usually less than 500)..some maybe less than that,
  • Mostly the orang tua-tua will not approve or fancy those kinds of ideas. Maybe it’s because their new and people are afraid that guest might talk. Lets think positive people, if it’s good and inda menyusahkan orang..maybe people will think it’s ok, and they might consider having it also.
  • Their guest are the people that they are close with, mostly friends. But in a malay wedding (esp here in Brunei), the guest usually consists of relatives. This is the time to invite long lost cousins. hee.

Sometimes I want to follow their ideas, especially the concept. Where our wedding is unique and us. I want guest to come to my wedding and say, “this is so them.” So far, I don’t know if I achieve that..I don’t even know if guest knows who we are. lol. too much thinking. All I know is, I hope our wedding will be a special one..unique, us..the way we really-really want.

Goodnight friends. Assalamualaikum. 🙂

Sample Orders.

To all Bride to Be’s in Brunei,

Haven’t decided on what to give your guest for the Campur?

Pepperina’s Kitchen is offering a sample order of all the muffins available. For only $10.00, this sample includes all 9 muffin flavors, and all 3 sizes. Each flavor will have 1 large, 1 medium & 3 small.

Add our facebook for more details.

Thank you. 🙂