In dilemma

Okay, here’s the story…

Originally I will be having 6 events (bedak siang, nikah, bedak malam, berpacar, sanding & ambilan), and the dates are confirmed. But this past few weeks, I have been thinking whether to proceed with the ambilan event or not? My main concern is for my relatives who lives in tutong and belait. and a few days ago, we have decided to cancel the ambilan event, and go for a Doa Selamat few weeks after the sanding instead.

My problem is, I have already bought my kain for ambilan, and to give that as my hantaran would be like “bilatah kan ku pakai ni?”, because the kain is suitable for wedding, kalau kan di pakai untuk hari raya or orang kahwin, too meriah. hehe. Right now, my plan is to make my Sanding baju from that kain. & by that, this means that I have to cancel our plan to wear songket. *sigh* Although I don’t really have a favorite kind of kain but in my mind, I actually would like to wear songket. If not time kahwin, bila lagi? But things happens for a reason, and we will just go with the flow..insya Allah, maybe things would be better than what we hoped for. 🙂

I am slowly accepting not wearing songket, and my quest right now is to find a suitable design for a non-songket attire. For me, finding a design for the bride is easier than for the groom. and alhamdulillah, I have a design already in mind. & for my fiance, we’re planning to just rent his attire. Mostly the bridal boutiques here in Brunei offered songket, and the not songket one looks like indonesian style, which I don’t really fancy.

I’m looking for this kind of design;

This kind of design is okay I think, suitable for my fiance. Not too much on the sinjang probably.

I actually love this kind of design for the groom. simple but yet segak.

Those are the two choices for my fiance. Which one looks the best? From my opinion, both of them fits my fiance cause he’s tall but I’m not sure which suits him more. Personally, I will choose the last picture. I always love groom who wears like that..not too much and like I said, nampak segak. But, so far when I searched the baju in bridal boutiques here, the one I found that is actually ngam with my kain, is like the 1st and 2nd design. I haven’t stumbled upon designs from the 3rd picture. huhu. If we were to just make his attire like that, will it be expensive? anyone know what kind of material sesuai for that design (3rd one)?

Will update lagi regarding this. 🙂 Mudahan Allah SWT memudahkan urusan kami. amin yarab. Today, 3 months exact!!!



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  1. Salam..i think kain shantung would be suitable for the 3rd design..cos ia macam karau sikit but not too karau..cos i remember my baju sanding designer cakap this kain nampak segak and “mahal”..unlike kain mcm satin etc nampak inda smart, “bergelombang”, berlipat2 etc get my point? hehe you could try liat shantung di shimco and ymrm. if i am not mistaken harganya pebalasan..but i think it’s cheaper di ymrm lagi.

    I know exactly how you feel..hehe all the panic, anxiety, excitement, not forgetting the stress..semua bercampur! We are on the same boat! My nikah will be on 4th may..five events altogether! heeee!!

    Anyhoo back to you..your kain atu material nya apa? if it is lace, you could buat baju from it and the kain pakai shantung..match kan sama your fiance..then you can do patching arah kain atu pakai the same’s just a suggestion hehe…(thats what i did for my mulih 3 hari baju – and yes definitely ku pakai baju atu balik for raya hahahaha) or you could tanya2 bridal boutiques if dapat sewa kain songket (as in the skirt) saja yg match with your kain atu.

    Good luck! 🙂

    1. Waalaikumsalam.

      thank u so much for the suggestion, will definitely try survey’ing kain shantung. 🙂 and I guess, the design if kan buat like the 3rd picture is the same design macam buat cara melayu right?

      my kain, lace + silk. thinking of patching jua..banyak suggest patching untuk inda membiarkan the kain plain. I’m still deciding on a design, ada sudah pulang tapi samar2…blum confirm. hehe. you buat your baju dimana? 🙂

      wow, ur’s hampir dah ni…2 months plus more! hehe. yes, excited kan kahwin & stress memikirkan preparation kahwin. :p I hope all you preps banyak done dah. 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by, and good luck to you too. 😀

  2. Haii,

    Dear, the third picture is the best for groom in my opinion. Since my tunang pun buat that baju. Your ‘segak’ word describes it all sudah. Yanb the first two design bida hehe *no offense*

    Yes Shantung is one of the fabric yang ngam. Our tailor suggests Thai Silk jua tapi yang high quality a. Kalau inda, the baju will look cheap. Another one we found di kadai yang ngam for that cut will be the Japanese Bridal Satin. It’s not the nipis shiny usual satin. Ane very comfy, sajuk and thick. Yang usually kana pakai ulih english bride buat drg punya dress. Karau tu kain nya. LAWA.. hehe. We found and bought that from Firoz Jaya di Serusop. Sana saja ada jual kali since arah lain kami tanya nada.

    Hope the info will be a bit of help to you.

    About patching, in my opinion is very membazir. Tane bali the lace sudah mahal like in my case reaching B$80++ per meter, then kalau kana pakai utk patching saja.. what happen to the rest yang not needed for patching? Unless you warn your tailor earlier to not membazir and ask him/her to think of some other way.

    And macam apa F cakap, you can match your lace dress with kain songket. Rent it dari bridal boutiques with the matching colour though.

    Not forgetting, congratulations to you jua miss F. Alhamdulilah. Wish you all the best in the preparation and the life after (= Amin~

    1. Yatah kan…I really2 like the third picture. yang 1st and 2nd one atu I have doubts actually. & My fiance pun macam okay2 sama either one, nanti suruh ia go with the 3rd. hehe. The Japanese bridal satin for the groom? we’ll try checking on it lagi..semangat pulang ku ni jadinya. :p

      btw, if rent songket just for the kain..bukan the kain usually kan sew into the lace kah? I think me and fiance sudah agree inda pakai songket for sanding. But i’m stil figuring out my design, either kebaya like or full gown. what do girls think? 🙂

      & yes, your info’s very helpful. a big thanks to both wii and F. 😀

      1. just a thought. since you’re not going for a songket base design, then baik buat gown like dress with a touch of kurung modern on the top part

  3. Wedding Expo soon di Maggis Mall. Ruzz Enterprise join kali tu insyaAllah. Better you book dari sana pasal confirm murah tu ada discount. Hehe

    1. berapa hb wedding expo nya? kalau lebih murah..lagi ku bersyukur. heheheh. mudahantah murah.. 🙂 thanks.

  4. My baju2 except for sanding, i sent ke Nie Kiulap..recommended by my friends. My baju nikah sudah siap (purrrrfeeect, unless i put on weight before nikah then terpaksa alter lagi tu hahahah)..look for Mai…she’s good..sanang explain and like bagus2 ideanya..

    As for my baju sanding..i’ve chosen Hjh Lina di Ong Sum Ping..we came up with the design sudah last January..but they will only start memotong this April…(takut banyak alter! hehehe)

    1. Nie Kiulap? Do they tailor baju groom jua? Location please hehe

      1. Nie, dekat2 shimco…bangunan taib di kiulap. Corrent me if i’m wrong. hehe. Yes, my cousin buat her baju nikah sana…lawa! Don’t know the price range though. Insya Allah I’m having an appointment with Anyati this week..sna pun my friend recommend.

        dimana lagi for groom ah? 🙂

      2. yup lurus tu bersebelahan (-ish!) dengan Shimco 🙂 i am not sure if drg buat baju for groom..i assume they do..because ada tailor lelaki jua heheh..price range nya ikut your design macamana plg tu.I went to Anyati jua last time but i was disappointed with their service fault plg jua cos i didnt make any appointment..but i went there to get rough idea mcmana that place and like price range and terus gtau drg that i wanted to make a baju untuk ambilan2 bla bla..but then inda brapa kana layan wah..apparently when i told a friend sal my experience with them friend pun tekana mcm atu.oh well! Yeah baik jua you buat appointment with bossnya Anyati atu..cos pekerja nya tu mcm entah ah..heheh.My fiance’s sis-in-law buat baju2 nya my opinion, drg mahal lagi lah dari Nie but lawa 😛

        Could go to Hokko di Kiulap..if you masuk ke dalam2 ada tu..drg buat lawa i heard..

  5. Lurus tu, masa tu kami datang ke anyati and durang bgtau mesti buat appointment dulu with their boss sal boss nya yang design. Ok pulang the staff, just catu2 saja kali. hehe. awu, my friend buat sana jua..& lawa2 bajunya, and when I ask berapa? pengsan..haha. But I did emailed her, betanya if orang on a budget..cana? she said all depends on design..if ada budget, from their saja memikirkan design.

    But we’ll see lah dulu..insyaAllah I’ll give reviews after buat consultation. If okay smua, then i’ll continue there saja..If inda, have to cari tempat lain lagi. (but will try Nie.) hehe.

    & yes, Hokko! durang buat baju sanding kah jua? Never saw contoh2 baju kahwin sana..if ada pun, nikah kali.

  6. haii girls,
    tadi i sent my baju for sanding sudah di Syarikat Hasla Fashion and Design di Kiulap ampir Express. customer service VERY good. price for bride range from $150 (without beadings) to $600 (with beadings). for groom range from $30 (baju melayu) to $200 (two piece suit) mcm the segak baju a hehee. will review arah my blog soon

    1. Yang tingkat bawah kah tu? The price quite okay I think for wedding, affordable. 🙂 will try asking there nanti, after I had my appointment di anyati..I’ll do the reviews jua. hehe. btw, tadi I checked dah kain for my fiance, lawa ah the bridal satin, very lembut and sajuk like u said. sadly nada our color. 😦 Firoz Jaya kah saja yang bejual atu?

      1. yes, yang di bawah a.

        kan lawa kan bridal satin a. karau and tabal tapi nda panas. sajuk a. lerr sayang jua nada your colour. so far, abis sudah textile shops kami aga.. only di Firoz Jaya saja ada. how about the HQ shantung? or HQ thai silk? I’d suggest HQ thai silk pulang. lagi smooth.. and lawa the thread lining

  7. I ask pulang pasal shantung, and the S.A says ada dua. Shantung original & shantung ‘something’ *lupa* hehe. Tapi I looked at both and inda berapa tabal, tabal pulang but not as tabal as bridal satin. & nada jua the color I want. huhu.

    Balum lagi kami cari thai silk, yesterday baru satu kdai. hehe. Terlimpas sale bah sudah barutah kan mencari. hee.

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