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I want to know what Shantung Silk is made up of? This meaning, the ones that is in Brunei, that is around $15 – $20+ per meter. Is it made up of real silk? I asked the SA and he told me that it’s not real silk but if it’s not 100% silk, ada kah inda a small portion of silk dalamnya? I’ve googled this actually, and they say that even though the material is NOT 100% silk, ada jua dalam beberapa percent silk inside it. Thus, making it still HARAM for guys to wear.

As you know, me and fiance are still searching for his kain sanding. I fell in love with Bridal Satin but sadly, our color is still out of stock and it seems like there will be no new ones soon. We have already asked for Bridal Satin in other stores and nada! *sigh* To make things worst, I went to Maszalina Boutique the other day, and I saw this one dress which caught my eye. The material was Bridal Satin + lace, peach in color. & when I saw the groom punya suit, lawa~ huhu. nyaman rasa kain nya. If I still don’t have Baju Sanding, I probably rent that one. but maybe bukan rezeki kami to wear that kain. 🙂 Insya Allah, ada lebih baik. *must stay positive*

Bridal Satin

We went to YMRM the other day and they offer us Shantung Silk. and the question of “boleh laki2 pakai?” always comes in mind. Lawa the kain, thick and sturdy but I don’t know yet. and then, they offer me Japanese Cotton. Tabal jua and lawa. and also, they offer me I think Shantung Silk jua but this one ada shiny part like Bridal Satin. Of all the three materials, I like the last one cause it’s shiny. But still, I have that question. and plus, they have our color!

So, I’m asking if anyone know kain jenis silk d Brunei usually made up of what? i.e boleh laki2 pakai? If yes boleh pakai, I would go for the Shantung Silk yang shiny one.

Thank you in advance for your help. 🙂



Cleaning Campaign!

Insya Allah by this week, cleaning campaign will commence! Starting with my room of course. I actually planned to start at the last week of this month, but then just now, I slowly cleaned a little bit and I realized that I always took a lot of time when I’m cleaning, especially when trying to re-organized and throw away all my things. I always get too caught up, every little thing I grab..I tend to reminisce about it. hehe. Jadi session, terkenang waktu dulu. haha. It’s actually fun, cause it’s nice and funny to see or read what I’ve written or anything from the past. That is why, I actually can literally take more than a day to finish cleaning up.

I also need to clean it now because, I have to empty out my room for some minor repairs. I am actually not sleeping in my room right now, been sleeping in my sister’s it’s a bit easier if my room is in the process of a make over.

So I have to;

  • Clean out or throw away all the unnecessary things like old papers, magazines, dvds, old letters (hahaha..) and anything that is old and not important.
  • Clean out my closet. – throw away or donate or sell unused clothing. (I do have it, esp old clothes and that I won’t be wearing anymore &&& SHOES! I have a lot that I will never use again! & I’ve worn it like less than 5 times only. Thinking of selling it..)
  • Take all my things and furniture out from my room. – all of it!
  • Repair and install all the necessary things.
  • Clean my room, from top to bottom. Corners, insides, places that people cannot see. LOL. – I need help with this.
  • Put back my furniture and the new ones. hehe.
  • Make space in the closet for Fiance’s clothes and things. 🙂
  • Decorate and beautify my room.

Wallah! Finito~ 🙂 I need to have a to do list for everything. hehe. There’s a lot to do just for a’s like cleaning like you never cleaned before. This is the place to impress you future husband. *wink* 😛

As for the rest of the house, Insya Allah next month (or this month), we’ll be cleaning two of the important rooms other than mine. It’s the room that I’ll be using for preparations during nikah event..I’ll be using downstairs room, so that my room will be off limits. 😀 The other room is a place for my relatives to maybe change clothes or have a rest..not really have to have a makeover, just a simple cleaning. 🙂 Other than that, as cleaning; maybe that will happen in May.

I will make this process a fun one. 🙂 I don’t need to be stress..especially when it’s 1 month plus to our wedding. (yes people, 1 month plus already!!!) & plus, cleaning is some sort of an exercise right? it is tiring, and I know it won’t be much but I hope to loose a few kg’s. LOL. I wish.

That’s all for today, it’s 1.22 AM and I should be sleeping. hehe. Assalamualaikum.


A little boost of semangat for all of us. 🙂 Insya Allah.

Happy Sunday friends. Assalamualaikum.

Panic again!

I’m being panic-ky again. huhu. I was reading through my wedding journal, from the start where we first decided to get married (it was February last year!) and I can’t believe time flies so fast. I remember saying, 1 year until our wedding to 8 months until our wedding to 4 months til our wedding, and’s freakin’ 2 months more!

& I wrote down what my best friend once said, that the preparation countdown is 1 month less than the real wedding date itself. Because, the last month is the month where brides and groom have to focus on their selves and wedding preps must at least be finish or like 90% done. I actually used to count 1 month less than my real that I will finish 1 month before, I really don’t want to still do all of the preparations on May. That month is the month I will reserve for ‘me’ time. But somehow, I totally forgot! *sigh*

I have 3 days to go to the exact 2 month mark. That means, I have 1 month of preparations left! *yikes!!!* 1 MONTH BAH TU 1 MONTH! hahahahah…. *ketawa panic* LOL.

Breathe in..breathe out~ Breathe in..breathe out~

I have to put my game face on! No more slacking, no more esok tah, NO MORE!

To do list! ;

  • search for Beds!
  • Make Blinds!
  • Deposit Pelamin!
  • Finish the hantaran!
  • Make the Invitation Cards!
  • Buy family kain for uniform!
  • Search and pray for Fiance’s kain sanding – & then send to the tailor!
  • Finalize the songs!
  • Search favor bags/boxes for nikah & berbedak!
  • Continue making the Paper Flowers!
  • Buy materials for home & hall deco!
  • Finalize and make my wedding bouquet!
  • Finalize ideas on the hantaran deco!
  • Start buying ingredients for Muffins!

What else? I hope that’s it. *worry!* I Need to throw away all the negativity, all the panic, and start being positive and bersemangat! At times like this, being down and stress is not the answer. This is the time for us to be strong and conquer all the problems given to us. Insya Allah, we can do this. :’)

Sorry for being down and panic.

Assalamualaikum and goodnight.

Love this.

For brides, spend your time before the wedding to gain as much iman and do a lot of good deeds. Let the pahala be the last contribution to your father. Don’t get too busy and too stress out that you forget that after ‘Sah’, the responsibility is no longer in the hands of your father.

I know after married pun boleh contribute tapi selagi kitani masih di bawah tanggungannya, setiap kebaikkan kitani buat, pahala goes to our father. So, why not we gain and get pahala as much as we can and give that as a gift to your parents. 🙂

A little humble reminder to me also, as I always forget and tend to be lost in my own world. *sigh*

I have always dreamed of becoming Isteri yang Solehah. but for that to happen, I have to become Anak yang Solehah first. 🙂

Thanks for reading, Assalamualaikum.

Room Decorations.

For our room, me and fiance decided not to renovate i.e, changing the floors, adding space and so on. We simply want to just decorate it, doing a makeover so to speak. 🙂 We want to decorate both of our rooms, so that it would be homey and have a family feel to it..right now, both of our rooms feels like ‘bilik orang bujang’ :p

As maybe all of you know (macam orang bercakap sama audience saja..haha), I love love love DIY’ing anything. If boleh semua! and room deco is a must. There are plenty of diy tutorials that you can follow, and is very cheap.

Firstly, you have to know what you want. It depends on the room, our room is not that big and not that small to put furniture and stuff must be between 2 – 3 items, our aim here is to make the room spacious buy yet filled.

The Bed

We’re actually still searching for one. I don’t mind buying a bedroom set, although I would take the bed only..but we planned to put the closet and the rest in fiance’s room. Kira save budget jua lah. hehe. We’re looking for this type of bed;

Lawa right? but it may be expensive. *sigh* though the look is timeless, the price well..haha. Still haven’t stumbled upon those designs. I’ve been to Deli, Court, the one at Batu Bersurat and haven’t found the one. Hope to find one soon…where else yang ada berjual bedroom set? Masa ni blank sudah kan mencari dimana lagi.

I actually would’t mind buying the modern looking one yang I’ve seen in many stores here, like this..

As long as it’s budget friendly and lawa, we will be happy with it. 🙂


This is I think the time for you to be creative. Instead of having a plain wall, why don’t you just design it. I actually don’t like to hang or put screws, nails on my wall and an option for me if I want something beautiful on my wall, is to design it. Wallpaper is okay, but I haven’t really been a fan of wallpapers because I’m afraid I can get bored with it. & there’s also stickers, popular a few years and there people sell wall stickers. I on the other hand, is not a fan of it. Like I said, takut inda tepakai nanti, then rusak dinding.

We planned to just paint fiance’s room. My paint is still fresh, the last time I did it was 2 years ago and it still looks like brand new. *save budget lagi..alhamdulillah. :)* Insya Allah, painting session for fiance’s room will commence next month. I want to help! haha, cause siok painting walls. I hope he wants to spice things up for his walls, rather than biasa. Anyways, we decided on navy blue.. 😀

Hope to find the same color as above. Love that shade. ❤ my room, will be green + cream. 🙂 (will explain more nanti2. :D)


We decided to have Roman Blinds for my room and curtains for his. Right now, we haven’t gone to stores to ask for their prices, maybe next month. I just hope it’s not that expensive. I have actually searched diy tutorials on making your own blinds, and actually it’s not that difficult. The materials saja I think nada di Brunei. huhu. & plus, it’s the easy tutorial. I searched for making it from scratch..and oh my, so confusing. haha. lastly, I decided..bairtia the pros saja buatkan. 😛

As for fiance’s room..I think I’m going to make it saja. Thinking of the usual curtains with rings and rod.

either this one..

or this...

Anyone know where I can purchase curtain rods?


Nothing drastic to change, just maybe clean it..put all the necessary stuff. My toilet is small, so there’s not much to change or edit. Maybe I will make a little curtain for my bathroom window. 😀


I’m not changing anything to my floors and his. Just maybe buy some carpets to add a little touch. 🙂 Haven’t decided on this yet.


Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t put too much things like shelves, small cupboards and so on. It would make my room look smaller. Initially, I was planning to buy this one big shelf and I actually found one. I can put like books, dvds, Tv or radio. But thinking of the budget, the plan had to be paused. Another option was to buy a small cupboard like this..

but there’s not enough space to put books and stuff. and then, I found this one great tutorial on making your own shelves! I love love love it!

make shelves using Wicker Basket!


really really really really cute right? 😀 I saw a tutorial in youtube on making your own shelves using wicker basket, and I fell in love with it instantly. Very practical, neat and simple. & ohh, don’t ever forget…it’s inexpensive!

Okay, before I get too excited about this. I do need to find wicker basket here in Brunei. I haven’t found one. huhu. Will try to find it here, hope ada. If not, I have to find it elsewhere, Miri is as a far I can go right now. or maybe KK. huhu.

I think that’s all for today, it’s a long post already. hehe.

Assalamualaikum, thanks for reading. 🙂


I googled on the symptoms of a Bridezilla; out of curiosity. :p and I found this…


The word “Bridezilla” is a fairly new entry into common vocabulary. But if you look at the number of mentions it has on the Internet and television (a reality show is based on real-life Bridezillas), there’s no denying that the term Bridezilla is now a common part of pop culture.Wikipedia even has an entry defining it. Explaining Bridezilla as a” generic term used to describe a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride who leaves aggravated family, friends and bridal vendors in her wake. A bridezilla is obsessed with her wedding as her perfect day and will disregard the feelings of her family, bridesmaids and even her groom in her quest for the perfect wedding.”

The symptoms of a Bridezilla…

1. She will complain more than give thanks.

This sadly is a symptom of many unhappy people, but it is more visible in a bride-to-be. Brides have to deal with a lot of details when preparing a wedding. If they are not careful they can forget to be thankful for the people helping them in the process.

Even if a bride is doing it all alone, that is no reason to be unthankful. Being overwhelmed is never fun, but being thankful gets more done. Complaining is never gaining.

me: Sometimes I guess, especially if things doesn’t go as planned. 😀

2. She shouts unnecessarily.

Loud, boisterous, and unruly the bride-to-be who shouts unnecessarily will become a bridezilla quickly. Noise pollution is never pleasant. Shouting causes people to hate and resist helping you. Bridezillas need friends not enemies. Help them get a grip and speak gently.

me: I don’t think so…haha.

3. She is all stressed up with nowhere to go.

Stress is the quickest way to deplete your energy. Bride’s who freak out all the time will not only prematurely age and be inwardly miserable, but they will be also branded a bridezilla.

me: errr….. *malu* lol.

4. She cannot manage her emotions well.

Poor emotional management weighs heavily on a person individually, but it also hinders their relational capacity. Unchecked emotions gone awry will lead to irrational reactions that hurt those we most love. This perpetuates emotional wear and tear, recycling more emotional implosion and outbursts.

me: true. 😦 especially when the ‘day’ is getting nearer.

5. She is a perfectionist.

A perfectionist cannot be happy with a good effort, neither an excellent performance. She incessantly scrutinizes herself beyond reason, which leads to utter exhaustion. Such a person needs to lighten up and simply live.

me: it’s not wrong if we know what we want, right? hee. :p

6. She is a control freak.

A control freak has to always hover over everyone to make sure everything is done just right. According to her standards, nobody can do anything as she does. This gives her a sense of importance. Her fragile self-esteem and poor self-image necessitates that she degrade others performance so she can exalt her own and continually be needed.

me: at times… 

7. She is very demanding.

Demanding people are usually very self-righteous and proud. They are quick to belittle others and boss people around. Such a quality immediately ruins any woman’s ability to elegantly be a lady. Pushy brides qualify for the bridezilla designation for their demanding nature.

me: hahahaha….malasku~ mum says, I’m bibiran saja…haha, I know it’s not a good thing. 

8. She is impatient and impetuous.

Impatient and impetuous people easily anger those who would have happily helped them. Because they are easily annoyed and unable to wait for good things, they attract poor service and bad attitudes.

Remember a cake out of the oven half-baked doesn’t taste good, neither does it fully rise. If you want quality people and products, practice patience.

me: especially if u have 2 months plus to go, everything has to be in a hurry. I need to chill.

9. She is demeaning and disrespectful.

When you demean and disrespect someone you create an enemy immediately. Even if it is not outwardly obvious, inwardly and subconsciously he who you’ve disrespected will naturally shun you. Brides who bulldoze over everyone en route to getting what they want are sure to experience backlash and blowback in the end. Bridezillas always reap what they sow and the disrespect they endear does eventually show.

me: I believe I didn’t come to that. insya Allah, mudahan inda sampai rude to people. hee.

10. She worries and cries often.

Worry is interest paid in advance on something you may never own. Ninety percent of all that we worry about never occurs anyhow. Brides who endlessly worry about something going wrong subconsciously program themselves to fulfill their own internal imagery, prophecy, and neurological programming.

Crying is something anyone with a heart does. There is nothing wrong with it whatsoever. We should empathize and show compassion when someone is suffering. Crying non-stop however is a reason for concern. When a bride has gone over the edge and stepped off the cliff emotionally, psychological counseling and Pastoral ministry is recommended.

me: this is so true! apart from being so emotional nowadays, whenever anything didn’t go as planned or there’s something bad happened (bad for me meaning sekadar for people. :P), I tend to cry or kan nangis. – but! not crying non-stop, hee.. 😀

Article Source.


whoa….macam I’m a bridezilla sudah kan? *sigh* At first, I thought being a Bridezilla meaning bossing people here and there, being rude and loud..and I believe, I’m not like that. but I didn’t realize that being too sensitive and emotional can be consider as a Bridezilla. For me, it is okay being a perfectionist, being demaning and a control long as you handle it in moderation. Wedding is one of our biggest and special moments in our life, it’s crazy if we don’t want it to be perfect. right? but like I said, semua mesti in moderation.

Honestly I feel my emotions is controlling me nowadays. I’ll get sad and stress out quickly if anything doesn’t go smoothly, but sometimes I’m calm and positive sampai parents ingau cause I’m actually that relax. hehe. If tenang, tenang banar..If kelam kabut, over banar. haha. Emotionally disturbed I tell you. LOL.

And, what’s funny is…I realized that the ‘Monica’ in me came out once in a while. Like, masa tu we were discussing with the rest of my family, and they were joking around..and I was like; “you know I don’t have any sense of humor when it comes to wedding.” haha. 😀 I just hope that we can stay strong and handle each day and every problem in a positive way. Remember that Allah will not give us dugaan yang tani inda mampu handle. :’)

Assalamualaikum, thank you for reading. 🙂

Hantaran list.

Hantaran is one of the things that I literally can control. How many, how expensive, how cheap, it depends on us. & we can actually buy the things in advance, except of course things that are seasonal like mobile phones, hand bags, kains etc. Most people that I know usually buy their hantaran in a monthly basis, so that inda terasa. We’re right now still in the process of buying our hantaran..alhamdulillah, less than half to go. 🙂 We decided on not spending too much on the hantaran and focus on the things that we will use after..and after deliberating, we finally settled for 13 dulangs from me to fiance, and 11 dulangs from fiance to me. 🙂

Usually all hantarans starts of with the must have;

to Bride;

  • Al-Quran
  • Mas Kahwin
  • Belanja Hangus
  • Sireh Junjung
  • etc (the rest, is up to you)

and to Groom, I don’t think ada yang dimestikan. is it? correct me if i’m wrong.

Mostly the extra hantaran will depends on you. What your preferences are. Some opted for gadgets, others went for attires and so on. Some prefer the basics, and some wants their hantaran to be unique. 🙂 here’s a list of things that I think is suitable to give as hantaran..maybe it’ll give an idea to bride/groom who’s thinking of this right now;

  • work attire (tie, kemeja shirt, pants, shoes & briefcase)
  • Kain baju kurung or ready made baju kurung, paired with tudong, brooch & shoes)
  • Kain cara melayu or ready made, with studs, songkok, and maybe shoes)
  • gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, etc etc (u got the idea..)
  • Handbags, clutches, wallets
  • Makeup set
  • Sports jersey, sport shoes (any sports related attire)
  • Books
  • Sewing kit
  • Stationary kit
  • Perfume set
  • Comic books
  • Dvd’s (e.g your all time favorite tv series set)
  • Foods (usually from bride to groom)

Any more ideas yang sesuai for hantaran? Mine will be some of the mentioned above. hehe. For me and fiance, we prefer something that is going to be used after, we want to keep it budget friendly, simple & practical.

I actually want one of my hantaran to be baking utensils set. It would make my day! or a cooking set! Any cooking/baking/sewing related definitely will be okay for me. but mum says it’s not appropriate to give as a hantaran. *sigh* I asked; “even baking utensils? like inda jua basar banar kali, pick saja yang damit2. hehe” and she said, inda sesuai. cause usually people give it during ambilan or muleh 3/7 hari. but I won’t be having that. 😦 *will try to pujuk lagi. :D*

lawa right? btw, I googled hantaran like above..nada. *sigh* I guess banar tah inda sesuai. I don’t really want to waste money hence putting it in hantaran for me is convenient. what do you think?

Assalamualaikum and Happy Friday. 🙂