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The List…

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been married for more than 3 weeks now. I could never been happier, but dear husband starts working. 😦 rindu yang teramat sangat…seriously.

I’m really sorry for abandoning this blog, dulu..I always get curious on why newlyweds jarang update their blog anymore and I understand now. haha. Other than wanting to spend time every minute and second with husband, our responsibilities and duties pun bertambah. hehe. Sementara hubby kerja ani, I might as well update here kan? mostly to avoid feeling the ‘rindu’ pulang ni. LOL. sorry….hahah.

I will start by listing out the vendors that helped in making our big day a special one. 🙂


MUA – Hajah Zaleha & Haji Zaidi

Doorgifts – Beras Kebun from my Grandparents

Attire – Materials ; bought in KL

             – Tailoring ; Anyati Tailoring

Accessories – Roza Rohaya

Pelamin – Ruzz Enterprise


Bedak Malam

MUA – Suzy RTB & Haji Zaidi

Doorgifts – Orang membedaki ;  glass container from Mangkuk Emas

                    – Jemputan ; Biscuits from Mahani M&Z Home Bakery

Attire – Anma Bridal Boutique

Accessories – Anma Bridal Boutique

Pelamin – Ruzz Enterprise



MUA – Suzy Niekman & Haji Zaidi

Doorgifts – Muffins from Pepperina’s Kitchen

Attire – Material ; Firoz Jaya & YMRM

             – Tailoring ; Nie, Kiulap

Accessories – Anma Bridal Boutique (Groom) & Roza Rohaya (Bride)

Pelamin – Ruzz Enterprise

Walkway Deco – Ruzz Enterprise

Tempat Membasuh Kaki – Dewan Sumbangsih

Qasidah – Fellas Ensemble



Photographer – Syazwany El-Hakeem

Invitation Cards – Ezy Printing


So far, ani saja dulu..Insya Allah, I will give out the reviews on each vendors and also I will def. share my experience. 🙂

Happy Wednesday.



a quick update…

Assalamualaikum friends,

I haven’t been blogging since I got married, really sorry for that. I know I have promised some reviews and insya Allah some pictures. hehe. Nothing much really, the reason why I haven’t been updating this blog is that I have been sick since after my sanding…until now. huhu. It got worst actually, my temperature suddenly naik today. 😦

Been resting a lot this week and dear husband is awesome for taking care of me. 🙂 Though in this ‘honeymoon’ phase I couldn’t be me 100% but I am so grateful to know what wonderful, amazing husband Allah has given me. :’)

Other than that, I am loving my job as a wife. 🙂 I’m still learning and so far, I love taking the role of a wife. Insya Allah I will always love being a wife. :p & it looks like, we will not go for our honeymoon because of a reason. Insya Allah, murah rezeki..nanti2 saja. hehe. Lagipun, it wouldn’t be that much fun going on vacation with me being sick.

Mudahan I will get better, insya Allah. 🙂 goodnight.

& as promised (ani dulu k..haha)…