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36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks and 5 days today, it has been a hectic week I must say especially during the weekend for my sister in law’s wedding, I wasn’t that active because my energy wasn’t that high and I get too tired easily. huhu. & everybody says that my stomach has dropped and they assume I would go into labor before my due date…Wallahuaklam.

In my previous post, I have said that my baby was in a breech position at 34 weeks..other than praying and hoping that the baby will turn on its own, I have tried doing specific exercise. This week, I had my ultrasound in RIPAS. and yes, my baby is still breech. They refer me to a specialist, and we talked about options and what it means and so on. She said, if I’m 36 weeks plus pregnant already, the chances of the baby to turn is 2%. But she still want me to be positive, do some exercise. Manatau dengan izin Allah, we have the rezeki of that 2%. Other than that, she gave me 2 options if the baby is still breech. Which is to do a c-section or before that, the doctor will try to massage me and turn the baby around. I haven’t made any decision yet though. But, the doctor had booked me for a c-section in less than 2 weeks.

Honestly, when I found out that the baby is still breech..I was a bit down and was hoping that my baby had turn. and while I was waiting to see my doctor, my mood wasn’t there but I tried to stay calm. and I’m thankful for my doctor because she really calm me down and I end up actually being positive and happy.

I have to be positive because in the end, my baby will sense and know if I’m not. and I really don’t want to give out moody, sad and bad energy especially if i’m really hoping and wanting to have a normal delivery rather than a c-section. It is as if, I’m not happy to see my baby if I were to have an operation. I know the chances of the baby turning is 2% but I will try my best to try to make the baby to turn. I have researched on exercise like ‘sujud’ for 10 minutes, 2 times a day. Shining light at my pelvic area, putting warm things at the pelvic and cold on top. and not forgetting, to pray to Allah for what’s best. But I really don’t want to make ‘normal delivery’ my focus and priority, I know that’s the best option but who really knows what’s the best option for us other than Allah right? I don’t want people and myself to put in mind that c-section is the last and bad option..there is no good or bad option, though I’m trying to turn my baby..I will take c-section with open arms. In the end, only Allah knows what is best for me and my baby. and if the baby is still breech and I have to operate, that is my best option and I’m happy.

I know people get scared that if we were to have an operation, the chance of a normal delivery after that is not high or the chances of having many kids is also not high. But who are we to say actually? Rezeki anak, only Allah knows. and rather than me being too focus on one thing, I want to be focusing on in accepting both options and preparing both for it, and knowing that option in the in fact what is best for me and our baby. In shaa Allah, only He knows. 🙂 🙂 🙂 and plus, my doctor is super nice and she says that everything will be okay because me and baby is healthy and normal..and that is a huge relieve, as long as we are okay that is what counts.

Symptoms this week? I’m getting more tired and more heavy in the stomach..I can really feel that my stomach is low. People get confused actually seeing that my stomach has dropped and knowing that I’m having pelvic pressure, stomach tightness and so on, cause that is usually the symptoms when the baby’s head is already engaged. I think, when a baby is breech, I guess the symptoms are different? and my mom said, usually when the baby is can feel this ‘sanak’ feeling on top of the stomach because of the baby’s head but I don’t have that fact, I feel so free on top. Although my symptoms and appearance looks like my baby’s engaged and head down but ultrasound says otherwise. and I have read that the baby can be engaged especially right now but what’s engaged is not the head obviously, but the baby’s bum..and this can actually be more difficult to turn the baby naturally. I have yet to confirm what position our baby is in, and what kind of breech it is.

My visit to the doctor will be weekly and my next appointment will be this Wednesday next week. She will check if our baby is still breech and in shaa Allah we have time, up until the scheduled doctor will keep on checking the position. Speaking on trying to turn the baby head down, I have said that I’ve done some exercise..and alhamdulillah, I’m doing it daily so far, but what is still making me not sure and ‘ragu-ragu’ is to have a massage. The doctor strongly advised me not to do it but on the other hand, family members and friends said it’s okay as long as the person who is massaging you really knows what she’s doing and of course have successful outcomes. I am still debating about this, to do it or not? I have not found a person who has experience doing this, just the ones who massage pregnant ladies..but the one who has experience turning the baby around? not yet. That is what scares me because I’ve heard stories both success and the failed one. *sigh*

Overall, I accept any outcome..whether its normal delivery or c-section. As long as mommy and baby is healthy and safe. Aamiin Aamiin Yarabbal Alamin. 🙂 🙂 🙂

2 days for my 37th weeks pregnancy, meaning Full Term!! Alhamdulillah.