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The List…

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been married for more than 3 weeks now. I could never been happier, but sadly..today dear husband starts working. 😦 rindu yang teramat sangat…seriously.

I’m really sorry for abandoning this blog, dulu..I always get curious on why newlyweds jarang update their blog anymore and I understand now. haha. Other than wanting to spend time every minute and second with husband, our responsibilities and duties pun bertambah. hehe. Sementara hubby kerja ani, I might as well update here kan? mostly to avoid feeling the ‘rindu’ pulang ni. LOL. sorry….hahah.

I will start by listing out the vendors that helped in making our big day a special one. 🙂


MUA – Hajah Zaleha & Haji Zaidi

Doorgifts – Beras Kebun from my Grandparents

Attire – Materials ; bought in KL

             – Tailoring ; Anyati Tailoring

Accessories – Roza Rohaya

Pelamin – Ruzz Enterprise


Bedak Malam

MUA – Suzy RTB & Haji Zaidi

Doorgifts – Orang membedaki ;  glass container from Mangkuk Emas

                    – Jemputan ; Biscuits from Mahani M&Z Home Bakery

Attire – Anma Bridal Boutique

Accessories – Anma Bridal Boutique

Pelamin – Ruzz Enterprise



MUA – Suzy Niekman & Haji Zaidi

Doorgifts – Muffins from Pepperina’s Kitchen

Attire – Material ; Firoz Jaya & YMRM

             – Tailoring ; Nie, Kiulap

Accessories – Anma Bridal Boutique (Groom) & Roza Rohaya (Bride)

Pelamin – Ruzz Enterprise

Walkway Deco – Ruzz Enterprise

Tempat Membasuh Kaki – Dewan Sumbangsih

Qasidah – Fellas Ensemble



Photographer – Syazwany El-Hakeem

Invitation Cards – Ezy Printing


So far, ani saja dulu..Insya Allah, I will give out the reviews on each vendors and also I will def. share my experience. 🙂

Happy Wednesday.



Alhamdulillah. :)

I am officially a Mrs. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat Allah SWT majlis akad nikah berjalan dengan sempurna. 🙂

I will insya Allah write a proper post about the event, right now I have to focus on to the next!! hehe.

p.s: I am truly & sincerely HAPPY and GRATEFUL. *tears*


2! 1! Tomorrow… :) :) :)

Busy busy busy…that’s all I can say. Been doing something from morning until now. Ani pun baik nasib ada free time to blog. One good thing of being busy is that I can avoid being so freaking Nervous for the big day tomorrow. :s

” Ya Allah, tenangkan lah jiwa ku dan berkatilah semua urusan and majlis kami. Amin amin amin yarabbal alamin. “

Cousins are still here, and tomorrow will start my ‘lulut’ session with the pengangun. I hope I can sleep well tonight. “Ya Allah, mudahan semua berjalan dengan lancar. Amin amin amin.” I know you can tell that I’m nervous. 😀


Hantaran list.

Hantaran is one of the things that I literally can control. How many, how expensive, how cheap, it depends on us. & we can actually buy the things in advance, except of course things that are seasonal like mobile phones, hand bags, kains etc. Most people that I know usually buy their hantaran in a monthly basis, so that inda terasa. We’re right now still in the process of buying our hantaran..alhamdulillah, less than half to go. 🙂 We decided on not spending too much on the hantaran and focus on the things that we will use after..and after deliberating, we finally settled for 13 dulangs from me to fiance, and 11 dulangs from fiance to me. 🙂

Usually all hantarans starts of with the must have;

to Bride;

  • Al-Quran
  • Mas Kahwin
  • Belanja Hangus
  • Sireh Junjung
  • etc (the rest, is up to you)

and to Groom, I don’t think ada yang dimestikan. is it? correct me if i’m wrong.

Mostly the extra hantaran will depends on you. What your preferences are. Some opted for gadgets, others went for attires and so on. Some prefer the basics, and some wants their hantaran to be unique. 🙂 here’s a list of things that I think is suitable to give as hantaran..maybe it’ll give an idea to bride/groom who’s thinking of this right now;

  • work attire (tie, kemeja shirt, pants, shoes & briefcase)
  • Kain baju kurung or ready made baju kurung, paired with tudong, brooch & shoes)
  • Kain cara melayu or ready made, with studs, songkok, and maybe shoes)
  • gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, etc etc (u got the idea..)
  • Handbags, clutches, wallets
  • Makeup set
  • Sports jersey, sport shoes (any sports related attire)
  • Books
  • Sewing kit
  • Stationary kit
  • Perfume set
  • Comic books
  • Dvd’s (e.g your all time favorite tv series set)
  • Foods (usually from bride to groom)

Any more ideas yang sesuai for hantaran? Mine will be some of the mentioned above. hehe. For me and fiance, we prefer something that is going to be used after, we want to keep it budget friendly, simple & practical.

I actually want one of my hantaran to be baking utensils set. It would make my day! or a cooking set! Any cooking/baking/sewing related definitely will be okay for me. but mum says it’s not appropriate to give as a hantaran. *sigh* I asked; “even baking utensils? like inda jua basar banar kali, pick saja yang damit2. hehe” and she said, inda sesuai. cause usually people give it during ambilan or muleh 3/7 hari. but I won’t be having that. 😦 *will try to pujuk lagi. :D*

lawa right? btw, I googled hantaran like above..nada. *sigh* I guess banar tah inda sesuai. I don’t really want to waste money hence putting it in hantaran for me is convenient. what do you think?

Assalamualaikum and Happy Friday. 🙂

Things to do…

OMG! It’s 4 months exact until our Nikah day. How am I feeling? nervous? scared? excited? I’m not sure actually..I’m feeling quite normal and calm. *I should ask myself the same question in May. LOL*

Preparation is still the same, I think we will make progress once payday comes. For next month’s task…we should:

  • Pay deposit for renting Berbedak Accessories.
  • Send kain for Nikah & Ambilan to tailors. (still not sure where, anyone can suggest me a good tailor?)
  • Continue buying for our hantarans.
  • Search campur for bedak malam event. (will explain more on the next post.)
  • Search door gifts packages suitable for cookies & muffins.
  • Family meeting to confirm the time for the events.
  • Once fam meeting is done, I will start doing the invitation cards. (hopefully by next month also)
  • Really hoping by next month, I’ll start with the Nikah registration.

I’ll stick to that in the mean time. I’m actually afraid that i might missed out something, cause I’m feeling quite calm and relax right now..like all is under control. That’s not a good sign, especially for me because I tend to forgot something. huhu. I just hope there’s nothing that I missed.

& for this month’s task..

  • Book MUA for my Sanding & Bedak Malam event.
  • Book MUA for fiance’s events.
  • Start with Nikah registration from fiance’s part.

yikes, i’m actually feeling kind of panic-ky after listing all the to do list. & it’s just for this and next month. AND! to top that off…I have to;

  • Continue making the paper flowers.
  • Start exercising. (really need to motivate myself on this)
  • Start having facials & treatments, and yes, start eating healthy!

those are the things to do for the entire 4 months that’s left before the wedding..and it seems like there’s not enough time. I will continue staying healthy after the wedding… 😀 insyaAllah. 😛

Wish me luck!

My Door gifts

Our door gifts is kind of near to complete – in terms of what my door gifts should be. My parents want it to be a non edible campur that guests can use personally again, like a jar or container. But I want my campur to be food..because I think, with food..especially great food, people will certainly remember and appreciate. So, we have made up our mind to combine.

For nikah, I actually was thinking on giving cookies..but my grandparents sponsored Beras. I wanted Beras for the Berbedak event but parents they say nikah is more suitable. So, cookies will be for Berbedak I guess..and I’m planning to put it in mason jar. cute right? but have to survey more on it..so far, the mason jars that I surveyed is around $2+ for medium size. I prefer smaller ones and its $1+.

As for our Sanding ceremony, my parents agreed to have muffins. 🙂 Flavor, quantity and size all already confirmed. We are now in the process of searching for the right packaging to put the muffins in. I personally prefer buying the plain container or packet or plastic and doll it up myself. I have a plan..and in sya Allah, by this week..I will give it a try. Show it to parents, if they approve..then alhamdulillah, that will be off the list. 🙂

So far, that’s about it on the update of my campur. I have always want food as the gift and I even started making the boxes, but parents have to disagree on me making the boxes because they don’t want to stress me out..I think I can do it, just right now..I don’t think I can because If I start now, it will be hectic. 1,000+ boxes DIY? You’ll do the math…


The top 3 is a few examples of my cookies campur in a jar. Love love love! especially the middle one. Love it! I wish I can make this as my sanding campur..but the jar is expensive. huhu. If I have other idea that is similar, I might try it..and if it’s withing our budget..might as well change it to sanding campur. hehe. & the muffins! I love having it in the container as above. Simple container isn’t it? but simple and plain make your creativity expand. hehe.

I will update more cause I need to finalize this idea so that we can ask for quotations..and buy it early maybe. Wish me luck…c’mon brain, do your thing. 😀

Baju Design

I can’t decide what kind of design I want for my baju nikah & ambilan. I am totally blank at the moment. I surveyed and searched almost everywhere and I am waiting for that ‘this is it’ feeling when I look at a design. So far, its ‘wow..lawa, but..’ feeling. *sigh* I plan to send my kain next month to the tailors but I guess, for a wedding I think next month is a bit too late..is it? Maybe I should send it by this month..

I should ask and consult with the designer I guess, but before going there, I want to be prepared and have a design of my own..then maybe he/she will give their opinions. The Kain for both nikah and ambilan event will be lace + satin..

Here’s some of the design that I like..

I actually love the last design, the pink and black one..I was thinking of doing it for my nikah attire, but I don’t know if it’s suitable for that event. As for ambilan, I was thinking of having a long dress, the lace will be long until the bottom..as for nikah, its part lace and part satin. This design is still pending…need to ask the expert I guess.

Speaking of designs, I actually love flowy chiffon soft look..but many people said it looks simple. & I’m trying to avoid having beads or lace just on top of my attire like my chest area because I will be wearing tudong, and I will cover that up..if that’s the case, it a waste to spend that much money if I were to cover it up right? I feel that I have a lot more to do…

Will update this again soon…

Thanks for reading. =)