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a quick update…

Assalamualaikum friends,

I haven’t been blogging since I got married, really sorry for that. I know I have promised some reviews and insya Allah some pictures. hehe. Nothing much really, the reason why I haven’t been updating this blog is that I have been sick since after my sanding…until now. huhu. It got worst actually, my temperature suddenly naik today. 😦

Been resting a lot this week and dear husband is awesome for taking care of me. 🙂 Though in this ‘honeymoon’ phase I couldn’t be me 100% but I am so grateful to know what wonderful, amazing husband Allah has given me. :’)

Other than that, I am loving my job as a wife. 🙂 I’m still learning and so far, I love taking the role of a wife. Insya Allah I will always love being a wife. :p & it looks like, we will not go for our honeymoon because of a reason. Insya Allah, murah rezeki..nanti2 saja. hehe. Lagipun, it wouldn’t be that much fun going on vacation with me being sick.

Mudahan I will get better, insya Allah. 🙂 goodnight.

& as promised (ani dulu k..haha)…


2! 1! Tomorrow… :) :) :)

Busy busy busy…that’s all I can say. Been doing something from morning until now. Ani pun baik nasib ada free time to blog. One good thing of being busy is that I can avoid being so freaking Nervous for the big day tomorrow. :s

” Ya Allah, tenangkan lah jiwa ku dan berkatilah semua urusan and majlis kami. Amin amin amin yarabbal alamin. “

Cousins are still here, and tomorrow will start my ‘lulut’ session with the pengangun. I hope I can sleep well tonight. “Ya Allah, mudahan semua berjalan dengan lancar. Amin amin amin.” I know you can tell that I’m nervous. 😀


3! busy busy busy

So many errands to do for today, alhamdulillah..hantaran for both Bride and Groom is 90% finish. Makanan, sudah di tempah/menunggu kan di buat. 🙂 Kem sudah di pasang tadi petang, and finally..my blinds for my room pun sudah di pasang. *happy*

My room will not be finish on time for my nikah but it’s okay because I’ll be using downstairs room for my makeup session. Insya Allah before Berbedak Malam, my room will be ready. lagipun ada upacara yang dimestikan kitani memakai bilik pengantin. 🙂 Kabak2 sudah actually, and terasa sudah wedding feel atu. Nervous? 100% yes! huhu. it’s 3 days to go. Mudah-mudahan Allah memberkati & mudah-mudahan semua majlis berjalan dengan lancar. amin amin amin yarabbal alamin. 😀

This will be a short post, just kan update the countdown post. hehe. I’m touched jua that cousins selalu bertanya and mau menolong. They are excited, sampai betanya bila start malam berjaga2? hehe. Entertainments? still under progress, tapi yang penting, inda mau over and inda mau yang mengundang masalah. I actually love if malam berjaga2 is filled with relatives playing congkak, pasang, simban & all the traditional games. Teringat zaman dulu. hehe. But we’ll see what it is nanti…

I guess, that’s it for now. Tomorrow’s a new day Insya Allah..lagi banyak kan dibuat.

Goodnight friends.

Assalamualaikum. 🙂

7! 6! this week… :)

Alhamdulillah, less than a week to our Nikah ceremony. I’m slowly feeling it already, from all the busyness and the hectic to do list, I didn’t have the time to actually feel it. But seeing cousins coming to our house and help with the preparations and also starting some major cleaning yesterday, it finally hit me. *nervous* Ohh, my pelamin for Nikah & Berbedak is already being installed last Friday. I know it’s early, they wanted to pasang awal pasal orang2 nya kan balik. Actually since Friday sudah terasa aura2 kan kahwin ani, especially seeing the pelamin. *blush*

I have started doing the muffins, and alhamdulillah it’s progressing very smoothly. Hoping to have bigger and better equipment, Insya Allah ada rezeki nanti. 🙂 What we need to do this week is to buy/rent all the small stuff…my mum balik2 ingati jangan lupa the small things. hehe.

MUA, pengangun, photographer & jurunikah alhamdulillah are all updated with the schedule. & speaking MUA, if you noticed on my checklist..I have yet to find a new MUA for my bedak malam event. My original MUA had to cancel because she had to go somewhere for a competition. Another obstacle yet to overcome but I don’t blame her, her event kebetulan tia on the same date as my event..not my rezeki. but Alhamdulillah, I have already found another MUA. 🙂

One thing that is in my agenda this week is to go have facials and treatments! I hope belum terlambat. huhu. I want to take the bridal package, but don’t know what place yang bagus. Yang penting, bukan massage..cause every time I get a massage, I end up sakit2 badan. huhu. My number 1 choice is of course Sari Ayu, but mum said di Tanjung Sari at Serusop pun bisai. I guess I have to check dulu. Will update Insya Allah nanti… 🙂

btw, I’m craving for Pepperoni Pizza *hint- double tues esok. haha* & Spaghetti Bolognese from Pizza Hut. Zinger Burger & Spicy Snack Plate from KFC, Burger from McD, Kenny Rogers, Buttermilk Chicken from Nur Wanita, Nasi Ayam Penyet from Pondok Seri Wangi, My mum’s Nasi Lemak & Sheppard’s Pie. *pengsan* – kes control makan for the sake of the wedding. Ohhh my…hope I can control my ‘nafsu’. haha.