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a quick update…

Assalamualaikum friends,

I haven’t been blogging since I got married, really sorry for that. I know I have promised some reviews and insya Allah some pictures. hehe. Nothing much really, the reason why I haven’t been updating this blog is that I have been sick since after my sanding…until now. huhu. It got worst actually, my temperature suddenly naik today. 😦

Been resting a lot this week and dear husband is awesome for taking care of me. 🙂 Though in this ‘honeymoon’ phase I couldn’t be me 100% but I am so grateful to know what wonderful, amazing husband Allah has given me. :’)

Other than that, I am loving my job as a wife. 🙂 I’m still learning and so far, I love taking the role of a wife. Insya Allah I will always love being a wife. :p & it looks like, we will not go for our honeymoon because of a reason. Insya Allah, murah rezeki..nanti2 saja. hehe. Lagipun, it wouldn’t be that much fun going on vacation with me being sick.

Mudahan I will get better, insya Allah. 🙂 goodnight.

& as promised (ani dulu k..haha)…



I want to know what Shantung Silk is made up of? This meaning, the ones that is in Brunei, that is around $15 – $20+ per meter. Is it made up of real silk? I asked the SA and he told me that it’s not real silk but if it’s not 100% silk, ada kah inda a small portion of silk dalamnya? I’ve googled this actually, and they say that even though the material is NOT 100% silk, ada jua dalam beberapa percent silk inside it. Thus, making it still HARAM for guys to wear.

As you know, me and fiance are still searching for his kain sanding. I fell in love with Bridal Satin but sadly, our color is still out of stock and it seems like there will be no new ones soon. We have already asked for Bridal Satin in other stores and nada! *sigh* To make things worst, I went to Maszalina Boutique the other day, and I saw this one dress which caught my eye. The material was Bridal Satin + lace, peach in color. & when I saw the groom punya suit, lawa~ huhu. nyaman rasa kain nya. If I still don’t have Baju Sanding, I probably rent that one. but maybe bukan rezeki kami to wear that kain. 🙂 Insya Allah, ada lebih baik. *must stay positive*

Bridal Satin

We went to YMRM the other day and they offer us Shantung Silk. and the question of “boleh laki2 pakai?” always comes in mind. Lawa the kain, thick and sturdy but I don’t know yet. and then, they offer me Japanese Cotton. Tabal jua and lawa. and also, they offer me I think Shantung Silk jua but this one ada shiny part like Bridal Satin. Of all the three materials, I like the last one cause it’s shiny. But still, I have that question. and plus, they have our color!

So, I’m asking if anyone know kain jenis silk d Brunei usually made up of what? i.e boleh laki2 pakai? If yes boleh pakai, I would go for the Shantung Silk yang shiny one.

Thank you in advance for your help. 🙂


A little update.

Assalamualikum lovelies. 🙂

Here, I want to share a few updates and wedding errands that we managed to settle.

  • Yesterday, me and fiance went to the wedding exhibition in Manggis Mall. We didn’t survey and asked around, we just went straight to Ruzz Enterprise to ask if they’re having a promotion, and I also wanted to show fiance the pelamin that I was taking about. Glad that he liked it. 🙂 We decided to come to their store another day because we want to talk it over and plus, they didn’t have any promotion..so okay lah kali. hehe. and alhamdulillah, dapat di runding harga. 😛
  • We also went to Pesta Buku at ICC. Not much, it’s like any other pesta buku before this. We came to ask the price of the Al-Quran, and we bought it. Just a normal one, thinking of designing the deco saja to make it lawa. 🙂 like below,
  • Nikah dress; I went for my appointment at Anyati last week, and I came without any design in mind. I don’t really have any specific design but I do know what kind I want, I love gowns..like english brides. But I wasn’t sure if my kain suits that kind of design, since my kain is lace. I was thinking, lawa kah all lace dress? and I was hoping by going to anyati, we will discuss the possible design. The owner was professional and good no doubt, but for me she didn’t gave me a lot of space or option to choose.  The design that she drew was beautiful and stunning but it cost way above my budget. So, I decide to just send my nikah kain there..
  • my Sanding attire; Lastly I chose Nie to design and make my Sanding attire. I went there a few days ago to ask and discuss about it, and alhamdulillah their price and design is within my liking and budget. 🙂 and the person in charge also had some wonderful ideas. I really hope they will do their magic to make my dress so beautiful. hehe. I’m not really sure the reviews for Nie esp for sanding, I just have to have faith in it. p.s; I did my fitting and I request for them to finish it by end of april so that any alterations can be done and so that I can see how my dress will look like. *can’t wait, mudahan lawa…amin! & mudahan I loose weight. haha*
  • Groom’s sanding attire; I have surveyed and asked for the price of making a suit and basically it’s $100+. Nie’s price is actually between $80 – $100, depending on the kain. But mum insisted for us to make it at Zulkader because they are experienced in making uniforms and suits. Zulkader’s prices are around $150 – $200. The problem right now is that we can’t find a suitable kain for fiance’s suit. I love the feel of the Bridal Satin but no stock on our color. *sigh* I looked for Shantung pun nada our color. 😦 I did pulang ask if by may ada stock baru kah inda, and the S.A said insya Allah ada.. but we do have to search other places jua, if ada tempat lain..lagi bisai. but where? huhu.

So far, that’s it. Insya Allah will settle a few things lagi today. It’s 2 months plus more to our wedding, stress about my preparations. huhu. I need to re-do and check my checklist over and over again, so that I won’t miss anything. Right now, our main mission is to find kain for my fiance for his sanding. I really hope ada stocknya latest by april..atu pun, I don’t know if enough time for them to buat. Miri ada kah? sanggup ku ni ke miri seorang diri..haha. *kes desperate dah..*

another obstacle to overcome. Ya Allah, mudahkanlah segala urusan kami. 😦

In dilemma

Okay, here’s the story…

Originally I will be having 6 events (bedak siang, nikah, bedak malam, berpacar, sanding & ambilan), and the dates are confirmed. But this past few weeks, I have been thinking whether to proceed with the ambilan event or not? My main concern is for my relatives who lives in tutong and belait. and a few days ago, we have decided to cancel the ambilan event, and go for a Doa Selamat few weeks after the sanding instead.

My problem is, I have already bought my kain for ambilan, and to give that as my hantaran would be like “bilatah kan ku pakai ni?”, because the kain is suitable for wedding, kalau kan di pakai untuk hari raya or orang kahwin, too meriah. hehe. Right now, my plan is to make my Sanding baju from that kain. & by that, this means that I have to cancel our plan to wear songket. *sigh* Although I don’t really have a favorite kind of kain but in my mind, I actually would like to wear songket. If not time kahwin, bila lagi? But things happens for a reason, and we will just go with the flow..insya Allah, maybe things would be better than what we hoped for. 🙂

I am slowly accepting not wearing songket, and my quest right now is to find a suitable design for a non-songket attire. For me, finding a design for the bride is easier than for the groom. and alhamdulillah, I have a design already in mind. & for my fiance, we’re planning to just rent his attire. Mostly the bridal boutiques here in Brunei offered songket, and the not songket one looks like indonesian style, which I don’t really fancy.

I’m looking for this kind of design;

This kind of design is okay I think, suitable for my fiance. Not too much on the sinjang probably.

I actually love this kind of design for the groom. simple but yet segak.

Those are the two choices for my fiance. Which one looks the best? From my opinion, both of them fits my fiance cause he’s tall but I’m not sure which suits him more. Personally, I will choose the last picture. I always love groom who wears like that..not too much and like I said, nampak segak. But, so far when I searched the baju in bridal boutiques here, the one I found that is actually ngam with my kain, is like the 1st and 2nd design. I haven’t stumbled upon designs from the 3rd picture. huhu. If we were to just make his attire like that, will it be expensive? anyone know what kind of material sesuai for that design (3rd one)?

Will update lagi regarding this. 🙂 Mudahan Allah SWT memudahkan urusan kami. amin yarab. Today, 3 months exact!!!


Baju Design

I can’t decide what kind of design I want for my baju nikah & ambilan. I am totally blank at the moment. I surveyed and searched almost everywhere and I am waiting for that ‘this is it’ feeling when I look at a design. So far, its ‘wow..lawa, but..’ feeling. *sigh* I plan to send my kain next month to the tailors but I guess, for a wedding I think next month is a bit too late..is it? Maybe I should send it by this month..

I should ask and consult with the designer I guess, but before going there, I want to be prepared and have a design of my own..then maybe he/she will give their opinions. The Kain for both nikah and ambilan event will be lace + satin..

Here’s some of the design that I like..

I actually love the last design, the pink and black one..I was thinking of doing it for my nikah attire, but I don’t know if it’s suitable for that event. As for ambilan, I was thinking of having a long dress, the lace will be long until the bottom..as for nikah, its part lace and part satin. This design is still pending…need to ask the expert I guess.

Speaking of designs, I actually love flowy chiffon soft look..but many people said it looks simple. & I’m trying to avoid having beads or lace just on top of my attire like my chest area because I will be wearing tudong, and I will cover that up..if that’s the case, it a waste to spend that much money if I were to cover it up right? I feel that I have a lot more to do…

Will update this again soon…

Thanks for reading. =)